Ten Ways to Celebrate the Winter Holidays

As I write this post, transitioning into winter 2020-2021, experts tell us that social gatherings over the next weeks are to be approached with great caution. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is surging and to keep yourself, your family and your friends safe, you need to be a bit more creative than perhaps in years past. But don’t mope around the house. Here are ten fun suggestions for how to brighten any winter holiday, a birthday celebration or even a day that isn’t special on any calendar.

  1. Make and try new cookies or a new cocktail. You aren’t driving anywhere. And one plate of cookies, being mindful of any allergies or food sensitivities, isn’t going to sabotage your diet or health. That said, of course moderation is still an excellent idea.
  2. Decorate festively, funky, frilly or far out. Dig out what you have in your attic, basement or closet. Don’t have a stash of decorations? There are a million articles on the web on how to make fun stuff from what you have at home. And if you have a few bucks to spare, lots of online retailers will deliver a batch of baubles to your door.
  3. Try a holiday jigsaw puzzle or a board game. I hear the groaning already. You might think this is lame. But I challenge you to try it before you roll your eyes. Besides, it’ll keep you away from the cesspool that is social media for a few hours.
  4. Read a holiday book, alone or with family or friends. We all know Dicken’s A Christmas Carol but when was the last time you read it (if ever)? It’s still a cool story and at about 28,000 words, even a meticulous reader will finish in less than 2 hours.
  5. Sing, either with an instrument you or someone in your household plays, or with a Karaoke track. If you do the latter, there are a multitude of these on YouTube.
  6. Host a virtual party. Yes, we are all tired of Zoom. But can you spice up a Zoom call? No, I’m not talking about THAT kind of spice, unless the call is only you and your significant other. Games, reading stories aloud, watching a sporting event together virtually . . . let your imagination be your guide.
  7. Cook a good meal or order in. You can still make Grandma’s green bean casserole even if it’s just you and your household eating it. Or let a deliver service bring you a nice meal. Remember to tip the driver for coming out on a holiday.
  8. Play holiday songs on the radio or from your own playlist. Check out below as we have a free idea to help you start that playlist.
  9. Attend a social distanced outdoor event. Yes, it might be cold in your area but you can bundle up and get together. Everyone can BYOB and make a campfire somewhere where its safe and permitted. If there’s alcohol involved, be sure you have a DD and watch your inhibitions so that you don’t ignore good, safe practices on distance and avoiding close contacts.
  10. Walk (or drive) around and look at decorations in your neighborhood.

Do you have anything you could add to this list? Drop me a line at [email protected] and give me your thoughts. I will publish them in my next newsletter.


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