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If I work with you as a private client, I already know that there are three big issues that you’re facing:

First, you’re confused. You’ve read the books, watched the videos, and taken the courses from many thought leaders. These gurus tell you that you need to act rich before you’ve achieved success. You’re told that if you want to become wealthy you have to imagine yourself as already having achieved that. You’re told that if you want to live an abundant lifestyle you need to do so right now, not someday when you feel you’ve reached that pinnacle. Yet, confusion arises when you learn that most millionaires live modest lifestyles, well below their means, not flashing expensive jewelry or driving fancy cars. How do you reconcile these two, seemingly conflicting viewpoints between the teachers and actual reality?  

Second, you learn that if you’re passionate about something and you follow your passion, that success will come. Yet there are many passionate people for whom this attitude doesn’t pay off. Why are there starving artists, broke musicians, failed small businesses? More important, why hasn’t your passion paid off?

Third, if you’re like most of us, while you are busy seeking greater success, you fail to protect the foundation you have. You don’t realize that unless you protect yourself and your current assets, you could wind up making one or more mistakes that cost you dearly, both in your pocket book and your peace of mind. Why not guard guard home front?

If this is you and you are sick and tired of feeling this way, why not do something different for a change? My team and I accept a limited number of private coaching clients. Tell me why you want to change and maybe we can work together to make it happen. 


I also offer special services to clients who desire coaching in accordance with the principles of Brian Tracy International, the Jack Canfield Training Group & Nightingale Conant. Over the past fifteen years, Pilot Fish Personal & Professional Development / Ann Babiarz & Associates LLC has worked with hundreds of these individuals, helping them achieve greater levels of success with personal and business development. Drawing upon that wealth of experience and the training I have received from these masters, clients can expect coaching that imparts to them the same as they implement these master strategies for a more meaningful and abundant life.

I have worked with individuals like yourself on a wide range of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Small business start-up and development coaching;
  • Strategic planning/coaching for entrepreneurs and individuals;
  • Accountability coaching;
  • Personal development coaching;
  • Success principles and their application to personal and business life;
  • Turn around coaching for businesses with cash flow, debt or similar issues;
  • Coaching for individuals with debt or similar issues;
  • and more.

As a client of Ann Babiarz & Associates LLC, under the auspices of Brian Tracy International, Jack Canfield Training Group or Nightingale Conant, you will have privileged access to certain information, resources, and tools that we use within our coaching practice. Once admitted to our private clients area, you will interact with the tools, documents, materials, and exercises that we will be utilizing during our coaching sessions. Completing the exercises and implementing the tools provided will enable you to do even more inner work outside of our sessions. The more inner work you do, the more you will get out of the program you have chosen.

For more information on the services Ann Babiarz & Associates LLC offers you as a Brian Tracy International, Jack Canfield Training Group or Nightingale Conant client, please contact your representative.


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