Flashes of Light by Michael A. Babiarz & Ann M. Babiarz

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CHAOS -- is when, not if Medical crisis Divorce Marriage Birth of a child Death of a partner or spouse Financial setback or Bankruptcy Any one of these will cause chaos to strike your life. And odds are, chaos will strike you at some point. None are immune. How can you safely navigate your way through? It isn’t what happens to you that matters, it’s how you respond to what happens that matters. CHAOS -- one story Ann Babiarz is a business and life coach. Together with her husband, Michael, a retired attorney, as well as a business coach, writer and musician, Ann journeyed through chaos as result of acute and life-threatening health concerns. Combined with financial strains arising from becoming ill while an entrepreneur, Ann’s tale is amazing in itself. Her path took many twists and turns and ups and downs, revealing a compelling story. But there’s more . . . CHAOS -- now what? Through this unique and powerful story, learn how to design your life and your work, for real this time. Your challenge is your opportunity, your “do-over.” -Gain insights into principles to help you navigate through your chaos. -Pose contemplative questions to provide you your own unique roadmap. -Get your life and your business or career back!


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