The Graveyard Gambit by Michael Babiarz and Ann Babiarz

The Graveyard Gambit (Click here to purchase The Graveyard Gambit was the first novel written by Michael A. Babiarz, JD and Ann M. Babiarz.  

A year ago it all seemed so unreal. Hatched in her mind. Culled from knowledge learned as a paralegal in a well-respected law firm. Was it legal? Not quite. Did it hurt anyone? No. But more importantly, Alexis believed it would work. If not, she would be dead. What a comforting thought.Alexis Grant has grown to despise her life. Using her experience as a paralegal, Alexis devises a plan to divorce and permanently escape from John Grant, a mid-level operative in organized crime-hopefully without forfeiting her own life.Alexis knows John's business associates are watching her every move, especially after she files for divorce; but she can't bear to exist in their world any longer. She takes all the necessary steps to assume the identity of Crystal Zion, who supposedly died years ago. As she makes her escape, Alexis encounters many surprises, including coming face-to-face with another woman using the same name.  


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